Turn Our Community Green is a grass roots effort to encourage entire communities to show support to our courageous Millitary Veterans, by making it possible for anyone to easily place a GREEN LIGHT BULB in your porch light or window. The local organizers listed below have brought in THOUSANDS of light bulbs. Click on the organzers name for a list of locations where you can get your bulb.

As part of that effort, some of the organizers conduct an "I Turned Green" contest, so the entire community can show off how they turned green and win prize(s). If your community organizer is having a contest, they are listed below.

There are 3 links to other pages listed below.

The first link labeled "INFO LINK" will take you to the page that lists where to purchase your bulbs and more information on the effort.

The second link labeled
"ENTER CONTEST" will take you to the page where you will find directions on how to enter your picture to win a prize.

The third link labeled
"VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE" will bring you to the page that gives information on how to vote for your favorite "I Turned Green" photo.

 Mines and Pines Grand Rapids  MN  55744  (855) 846-3663 INFO LINK ENTER CONTEST VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE
 The Lakes News Shopper Milford  IA  51351  (712) 338-2232 INFO LINK ENTER CONTEST VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE